Skimzee is a free web app that lets you summarize websites, search social media, show any feeds you want and lots lots more. It’s a single place you can go to for searching the web, news sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia and viewing links in the results as easy-to-read concise summaries.

Skimzee is a free web app that combines summarization technology, a social media search and a thorough web feed aggregation to deliver comprehensive results to your search query. It acts as the single point of contact for subject searching as well as the aggregation of all your favourite articles and lets you view each of them in a concise summary.

You can search all your favorite social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook as well as general web pages, news sites, YouTube and Wikipedia. Just click on the “view summary” icon in any search result will give you a summary of the page for that link – all without having to navigate away from the Skimzee page. If a search result has an associated video or photo, you can view it right inside Skimzee and that means any pictures in Tweets or embedded photos or videos in Facebook posts.

 Skimzee also provides an easy-to use web feed aggregator – just add any feeds of your choice from the settings page and they’ll appear in a drop-down list on the main page. I put in a couple of random searches for Louisville Kentucky and Christian Louboutin shoes (don’t ask) and was delivered a neat, concise selection of feeds and web pages from all my different sources all on the one page. This is pure bliss for the researcher as well as the casual surfer.



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