Skift:旅遊行業熱點新聞網是一個報道與旅遊行業相關的酒店資訊、航空資訊的新聞資訊,由PaidContent的創始人Rafat Ali創立,目的是把一系列相關的新聞、觀點、資料以及有用的工具提供給旅遊從業人員。


Skift reports and curates travel news and market data from the travel industry, airline industry, and hotel industry for insiders and business travelers

Skift is a travel intelligence company that offers news, information, data and services to professionals in the travel industry and professional travelers to help them make smart decisions about travel.

Travel news & data offers a tremendous opportunity: With a $6.5 trillion contribution to GDP and 260 million jobs, travel — made up of tourism, hospitality, transport & leisure — is the world’s largest industry. Skift is the information and intelligence brand that matches the industry’s size and potential.

Skift is redefining a new generation of data & information heavy media companies, built to break out of the vertical media ghettos and scale.

For more on Skift’s vision, see “Building a Business Information Brand in 2013” presentation our CEO gave as a keynote tob the American Business Media Association’s 2013 annual conference.



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