ShesAhomeWrecker:她是家庭破壞者曝光網是美國的一個專門曝光第三者的網站,在社交網路 Facebook 上已獲“贊”近25萬次。這家網站鼓勵受到傷害的女性曝光第三者的身份,並且詳細描述事情的原委。







They say if you can’t beat them join them, but we say if you can’t beat them, EXPOSE them! is exposing everyone from the Hollywood Homewrecker to the average white picket fence destroying women who just can’t seem to let go of your husbands and boyfriends! Do you have a story to share or a HOMEWRECKER to expose? If so, click the Expose Homewrecker button via the website. Don’t forget to include photos! We LOVE to publish pictures of the Mistress who is driving you mad!

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