SensationalColor:顏色含義權威調研網是一位顏色專家Kate Smith創辦的顏色研究成果網站,該網站旨在通過對顏色的研究來分析人類的心理、生活意義,討論顏色和生活的相關性,為生活帶來色彩的娛樂性和知識性。



“I’ve been fascinated by color for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I’d get a new box of crayons but use them only after they’d been arranged and rearranged in all sorts of interesting color combinations. It was the many colors, more than the coloring itself, that captured my attention.

My love of color lead me to pursue a degree in fine arts, but even during my university studies, I often found myself more interested in color and the interaction of colors, than in perfecting my drawing or painting techniques. From that time on, though there was still much unknown, I was positive that colors would play a significant role in my life.

I began my career in product development and marketing, where I was able to work my way into the executive ranks of several Fortune 500 companies, learning to predict color trends and capitalize on using color effectively. I feel very fortunate that I had the chance to hone my color knowledge and trend forecasting expertise working alongside some of the best in the industry, all in an arena where the correct color direction had significant financial impact.



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