The BPMA believes in:

Access: we want everyone to have the opportunity to access Britain’s postal heritage, in all its forms, and work to assist those who need support in doing so.

Sharing: we are inclusive and want to share the richness of Britain’s postal heritage widely through a range of means and working with a range of partners.

Excellence: we have a world class collection and work to excel in how we care for and share it, blending new innovations with the best proven ways of doing things.

Enjoyment: we enjoy bringing postal heritage to everyone we meet; we want people to enjoy Britain’s postal heritage just as much.

Preservation: we are privileged to care for our unique collection, are dedicated to this responsibility and work to ensure that Britain’s postal heritage is safe for future generations to enjoy.

Learning: we believe that everyone can learn from and be inspired by the stories our collections tell, and just as we continue to learn about Britain’s postal heritage in all its depth and context we want others to do the same.



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