PolyFetch helps you search through MANY sites at once, not just one at time

At PolyFetch.com, you’ll find a search engine with the tools to see past the “10 links on a page” the most search engines provide. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know to make informed decisions, including everything from the bird’s eye view down to tiniest details. The features you see here are powerful, but they are only the beginning. Stick around to see the next revolution in search.

PolyMarks is created by PolySuite as part of a suite that reinvents the basic tools of the web

We use lots of websites at once, but our tools were designed to use one at a time.

By creating an integrated vision of how people can search, browse and save the web, PolySuite hopes to bring our web tools into the next millenium. Our first products, PolyFetch, PolyMarks and PolyBrowser are designed to take us toward that vision.

PolyFetch and PolyMarks: Even better together

Access your saved PolyMarks right from the polyFetch start page

Make PolyFetch your homepage, and log in to have instant access to all of your saved PolyMarks. Access them on any browser or device.



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