1、Reduce bandwidth costs by up to 90%.

PeerCDN automatically serves your site’s static resources (images and file downloads) over a peer-to-peer network made up of the visitors on your site. By offloading the majority of the hosting burden to site visitors, PeerCDN dramatically reduces bandwidth costs.

2、Pure JavaScript.

Works without browser plugins! Powered by pure JavaScript, so it’s fast, lightweight, and doesn’t require users to install anything – it just works.

3、Handle sudden traffic bursts with ease.

PeerCDN-enabled sites can handle sudden traffic spikes with ease. Files in high demand will be quickly and cost-effectively delivered by peers, while long tail content can be reliably served from normal web servers or a traditional CDN. More visitors = more peers hosting content.

4、Broad browser support.

PeerCDN utilizes WebRTC DataChannel to establish peer-to-peer connections between a site’s visitors. Chrome and Firefox already support WebRTC, which together account for 58% of global browser usage (according to StatCounter). IE and Safari will likely add support soon. Graceful fallback for unsupported browsers.

5、Works with traditional CDNs.

PeerCDN works with traditional CDNs. PeerCDN only takes over when it can provide better site performance and/or reduce server bandwidth usage.

6、Built-in security.

PeerCDN uses a centralized resource authentication server to generate SHA1 hashes of a site’s resources. Data provided by peers will only be used if it is safe and unmodified. All peer-to-peer communication is encrypted.


If peers are slow or the central PeerCDN server is inaccessible, sites will load normally. PeerCDN handles error conditions by falling back and letting your site work normally.

8、Easy to install.

We’re aiming for copy-and-paste simplicity. Just paste a script tag on a site and that’s it! The site will instantly be faster, use less bandwidth, and be more resilient to sudden bursts of traffic. Self-hosted options will also be available to those who want to host their own PeerCDN server.



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