PatriotupDate:美國愛國者新聞網是一家美國新聞類網站,成立於2009年,是美國日常生活的主要新聞來源之一;和大多數的帶有自由派傾向的主流媒體不同,Patriot Update為愛國的美國人及時準確地提供他們所關心的新聞。


主流媒體到底有什麼問題?新聞記者有權發表自己的政治觀點,但不是拋棄準確和客觀公正。Patriot Update立志不讓任何一個人成為神,追求報道的準確性和客觀性。

Patriot Update, founded in 2009, is the leading news source for the everyday American. In response to the mainstream media’s dedication to poor journalism and the liberal agenda, Patriot Update provides timely, accurate news about what concerns patriotic Americans. In a striking exhibition of what is wrong with “mainstream journalism,” Newsweek editor Evan Thomas recently declared on MSNBC: “I mean, in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above — above the world, he’s sort of God.” Journalists are entitled to their political views, but not to abandon accuracy and objectivity. Patriot Update is determined not to let any men be thought of as God, and to champion accuracy and objectivity in reporting the facts.

Patriot Update is also dedicated to the ideals of a free press, featuring headlines submitted by our readers as well as daily commentary provided by our editors and guest writers. Of particular note are the regular syndicated columns of well-known thinkers, including Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Chuck Norris, Dick Morris, Floyd Brown, and Michael Reagan.

In our world of fast-paced and often sordid news, our team carefully finds and posts articles that are important to Americans and that meet our ideals of accurate reporting and authentic journalism. By putting wholesome and truly informative news at the fingertips of patriotic Americans, Patriot Update is creating a valuable resource of tools for the restoration of our country to the values and ideals on which she was founded. Patriot Update is a refreshing voice that people in every walk of life appreciate for its unique combination of candid news reports and conservative values.

All content, products, and resources provided by Patriot Update reflect our dedication to truth, objective journalism, and conservative ideals.



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