Every day, many thousands of open source contributions are made on GitHub by developers around the world. This data is publicly available through the API and—even more conveniently—on the GitHub Archive.

This is generally a pretty fun dataset to play with but it is particularly exciting for hackers because we get to play with data that describes our own behavior! Last year, shortly after the full event stream was publicly released, the first annual GitHub data challenge produced some sick data visualizations and it’s clear that people at GitHub have been thinking about how to Use The Data For Good™.

The one graph that is especially awesome in all sorts of surprising ways is thecontributions heat map on every user’s profile page. What sets this apart from the other visualizations that already exist on the site? It makes a general statement aboutone specific user.

It lets a developer have a global view of their contributions, skills and habits. This ends up being extremely motivating because it lets the developer see their progress in real time. With this in mind, it seemed like a good idea to provide a more complete set of global statistics summarizing the hacker personality of any GitHub user.



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