While origami is a fun pastime, what extends value to this lovely art form is when origami is applied to disciplines like fashion, technology, and architecture. There are two folds to this challenge – first, you’ll need to create the origami model itself and the second is to apply the origami model to an emerging or existing technology. We are delighted to see more origami inspired thinking, designs and applications pop up everywhere and our origami blog strives to curate the best and most original of them all. Some blog posts are original and some are curated fromYankodesigns,DesignMilk,DesignBoom, and many others – they are credited at the bottom of the blog post.

origamiblog.com is launched by Cindy Ng, author ofGirligami– a fresh, fun, fashionable spin on origami. Upon her graduation from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Economics, she designed a line of origami kits andjewelrywhich is now sold to the most prestigious museums worldwide, including SF MOMA, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Smithsonian, and The Victoria and Albert Museum.



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