Divvy 尚只支援 Facebook 和 Instagram。與 Instagram 本身的客戶端相比,Divvy 的優點在於能夠提供前者缺失的縮放功能。作為社交平臺的個性化入口,Divvy 同樣擁有喜歡、評論、分享功能。此外,Divvy 還為自己的使用者提供了基於地理位置的社交能力,讓使用者能夠在演唱會、聚會等場景同周圍其他 Divvy 使用者分享圖片。此外,Divvy 使用者還擁有關注、被關注能力,可見創業團隊在抓取成熟社交平臺資訊的同時還有意為自己的使用者打造獨屬的社交網路。

Divvy is a dynamic photo sharing app that not only allows you to view and save photos from all of your favorite social media outlets, like Facebook and Instagram, but also allows you to share photos with individuals, groups, or those around you in a manner that is completely unique to Divvy. We like to say it is a socially private way of sharing photos.

Divvy is a better way to share, view and save photos. With Divvy, it is no longer necessary to check multiple apps to see photos; you can view, zoom and save your Divvy, Instagram, and Facebook photos all in one place! To top it all off, it’s free!

At an event or get together with friends? Snap a picture and use the “Around Me” feature to instantly share with all of your friends in the vicinity.Have pictures that you want to share but don’t want the whole world to see? Use the “Individuals” feature to privately share photos with select individuals.



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