NeonwereWolf:霓虹燈狼人攝影藝術網是一個非常有趣的網站,作者扮演一個毛絨絨的狼人頭套,然後就開始了自己的藝術生活創作,Mako Miyamoto是美國俄亥俄州的一位攝影師,搞笑的生活方式可以讓你釋放自己的心情娛樂一把。


Neon Werewolf is a funny website that shows the everyday life of a Wookiee. The tall, hairy humanoids, made famous by Star Wars’ Chewbecca, are the stars of the show. Portland, Oregon-based photographer Mako Miyamoto has created a whole website for them where they do everything from dance on a rollerskating rink to having a relaxing picnic on grass. You won’t be able to contain your laughter as you scroll through each of these hilarious scenes!



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