NationBuilder 致力於將關係管理化繁為簡,且它現已吸引到逾2500位付費客戶;事實上它的客戶早已不再侷限於政客,企業、非盈利機構和政府都已開始使用NationBuilder平臺。

NationBuilder is the world’s first Community Organizing System: an accessible, affordable software platform that helps leaders grow and organize communities to achieve great things. NationBuilder was founded in November of 2009 by CEO Jim Gilliam and launched in April of 2011. The company is located in downtown Los Angeles.

NationBuilder offers easy-to-update websites, a people database and communication tools like email, text messaging and social media – all in one system. Businesses, nonprofits, governments, and politicians use NationBuilder to organize their communities and build more meaningful relationships with customers, supporters, and constituents.



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