How many email accounts do you have to check each day? Three? Four? Ten?!!! Apart from the time aspect, it’s a pain in the ass having to remember account names and passwords. So, it makes sense to use an app that merges all of your email accounts together into one place. MyMail is a fully personalized email and productivity application that puts you in full-control of your inbox and let’s you see all your accounts on one page using your mobile phone. Not only that but you will get push notifications with new messages to make communication virtually immediate.

If half a dozen accounts are driving you crazy then all you have to do is to add them all to myMail to see them all in the one app and you can easily switch between them with just one tap. MyMail brings all of your email accounts to one place with this easy-to-use email application for mobiles. What’s more, it will send out Push notifications of incoming emails even if your email service doesn’t support them. These notifications can be customized so you can see which account they came from or at which time of the day they were received Alternatively, you can simply send them by folder or by sender. You can disable notifications from annoying sales sites, specific contacts, folders, domains or social media updates as well as being able to hide the sender’s name or the subject line and even preview attachments without having to download them. In a nice social touch, MyMail also offers individual avatars to visually tell you who is sending mail to you. All your emails are delivered via secure protocols. Finally, to prevent confusion, you can search through all of your email accounts at the same time in order to find a specific email.

MyMail offers one of the more sensible additions to the email arsenal with this neat little app that gathers all your email accounts under one roof and just a single tap away. No more checking accounts individually. No more signing in. No more multiple passwords to try and remember. MyMail works with virtually every IMAP/POP3 service and you will also receive push notifications about new messages in all your email mailboxes – making it totally instant. All notifications are customizable, putting you in total control of who gets to contact you and how quickly. MyMail offers one of the better and more user-friendly email



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