The guys at Mural Locator site themselves as specialists in the geo-locating and archiving of murals found within the public realm. Their great database of murals and locations apparently uses ‘strategic customised mapping and archiving technology’ that helps the individual in their quest to find and discover murals all over the world. A great prospect for those of us who want to spend time researching and finding unique works of art in slightly more avant garde places.

Another great side to Mural Locator is the way it uses social media to build relationships within the mural arts community, helping to promote events, the murals themselves, artists and organisations.

Generally speaking Mural Locator is a simple site to use and navigate. The various sections on offer including ‘News’, ‘Murals’ and ‘Events’, are self-explanatory, which obviously makes for a good user experience. However, I do feel the sections are organised in such a way that the user won’t get the smoothest of journeys at the first point of call; the homepage. There just seems to be too many sections to choose from. A simple date ordered blog based homepage, listing all new postings as they appear would be more effective in my opinion.

I find the most interesting and useful page on offer is the ‘Mural Map’ page. Via Google maps, it shows a world map with pins representing all the locations of murals that have been entered onto the site. This is s great inclusion, especially for people planning to travel, who hope to seek out some of the beautiful and thought provoking murals from the site. It also gives one the option to add a new mural via a simple data capture.



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