這款誕生於 2011 年的公交資訊工具就是為此而生。如果說 Kickstarter 通過群體資金實現對優秀的個人專案籌款,維基百科藉助眾人智慧實現對自由知識的聚集,那麼毫無疑問,Moovit 就是公交資訊領域的 Kickstarter 和維基百科。

讓使用者貢獻公共交通訊息?Moovit 的這套邏輯和 Waze 有點相似,不過 Moovit 關注的內容主要是公共交通,包括巴士、電車、地鐵和渡輪等多款工具。使用者在接入到 Moovit 後,會看到系統提供周邊的公交和地鐵站點資訊。

Moovit 正在快速發展。他們在今年三月宣佈使用者總數達到 60 萬,9 個月後,這個數字已經突破 300 萬。他們還表示,每天使用者生成的報告超過 1000 萬份,其中有 300 萬來自移動使用者。現在,他們的服務覆蓋全球 100 個城市。

Moovit 把在路上的智慧手機使用者變成一個個人肉資訊收集和傳送器,收集交通訊息併發送給社群內使用者。不過 Moovit 的重心是在公共交通領域,因此除了由使用者上傳的資料,Moovit 也會從公共資源處獲取資訊,比如火車站和汽車站的時刻表等。在輸入起點和終點之後,Moovit 會為使用者篩選出匹配的公共交通出行路線。不僅如此,使用者還可以收到關於該線路上交通工具的負載資訊和準點情況等資訊,以方便提前做好變更出行計劃的準備。

Moovit is revolutionizing the way people experience public transport. By capitalizing on ‘crowd wisdom’, we transform the public transportation user’s experience by both saving time and reducing uncertainty. By using Moovit’s free mobile application, users can plan trips, receive and share real-time transportation information and easily navigate to their destination of choice.

Moovit helps take the hassle and uncertainty out of public transport:

1.Save time by avoiding jammed and delayed routes;

2.Find out on which vehicles you can find available seats;

3.Track arriving buses & trains on the live map;

4.Choose route based on all public transport methods available;

5.Discover new routes you were never aware of;

6.Navigate easily with detailed point-to-point directions;

7.Receive real time updates such as arrival time notification, or get off at the next station alerts;

8.Easily share your route and communicate with friends along the way.

So how does it work?

You anonymously share your public transport vehicle location and speed simply by riding with the app open during your trip. You can also choose to actively contribute relevant reports such as overcrowding on the bus, an accident that causes delays or an inaccurate station location on the map. By doing so, you join together with the community to create the best real time public transport data and extract much more from the existing public transport infrastructure.

As a user-generated platform, Moovit’s live data gets better the more people use it.

Save time, ride in peace, join the fun. Let’s Moovit, together.



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