DIY是英文Do It Yourself的縮寫,又譯為自己動手做,DIY原本是個名詞短語,往往被當作形容詞使用,意指“自助的”。在DIY的概念形成之後,也漸漸興起一股與其相關的周邊產業,越來越多的人開始思考如何讓DIY融入生活。誠然,電子DIY即為自己動手製作電子產品。

Maker Media’s core media properties and ecommerce business are highly valued and respected brands in the maker community, where a cross-section of DIY enthusiasts from inventors and designers to hackers and tinkerers indulge their passions.

Whether devouring MAKE magazine from cover to cover (77% regularly read at least 3 of the last 4 issues), visiting to check the latest blog post, shopping for the newest version of Arduino or Raspberry Pi, or planning a weekend at Maker Faire, makers depend on Maker Media brands to inform, inspire, unite and entertain them.



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