What if you could capture and promote the enthusiasm that your best customers – your fans, your evangelists, your advocates – have for you and your product?

Your customer advocates are the most powerful people to speak for you, share their experiences, and explain the benefits of selecting you.

But how do you motivate them to work with you? How can you make the experience much more meaningful than simply agreeing to a case study, referring you, or agreeing to provide a reference?

That’s the secret behind AdvocateHub. The AdvocateHub is built around the needs of your advocates first and foremost. Our idea is simple: provide a better experience for your advocates, and they will increase their activity. Your advocate army, fully mobilized, is the most effective asset you have for getting your prospective customers to buy faster.

We believe that the future belongs to companies that generate and mobilize their advocates. I look forward to working with you to make this vision a reality.



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