目前iknow.io 僅支援美國國會新聞和NBA體育新聞,其他內容資源正在完善中,註冊登入後用戶可以訂閱熱門的主題內容,最低必須訂閱5個主題,最重要的是註冊使用者可以提交你喜歡的內容,例如Youtub視訊網站上的熱門視訊,音樂視訊等資源,分享給更多的使用者去分享。

iknow.io is a data-driven knowledge sharing community for curious people.

We take raw data about Movies, Music, Sports, Economics, Politics and more and make it possible for people (that aren’t scientists or programmers) to analyze and extract useful information from it. We are also a community where you can share insights with others and learn from one another.

An iknow.io insight is a set of results and visualizations created using our data analysis tools. It could be anything from a comparison of two actors and the revenues of the movies that they starred in, to a list of all the congress people that sponsored legislation of a certain type.

When an iknow.io member finds something that they think is interesting, they can save their work as an insight. Doing this lets other people view it, discuss it, like it and share it. We encourage you to create insights so we can all enjoy the fascinating things that you discover using our data and tools. Don’t be shy, get in the game.



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