iBetaDownload:iOS蘋果系統測試下載網是一個提供蘋果最新beta版系統下載和最新訊息的網站,提供iPhone、iPad、iPod touch的最新beta版系統下載和測試包。


iBetaDownload is not responsible for what may happen to your device as a result of using anything listed on our website. Download and utilize at your own risk. iOS 7 is supported on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, the iPad 2 – 4, and Mini, and the iPod touch 5.

How to extract a DMG on Windows:

1、Get your UDID registered from any reputable source;

2、Download iOS 7 from iBetaDownload website;

3、Plug your device into your computer, and make sure to back it up;

4、Hold Shift (Windows) or Alt (Mac) and click ‘Restore’ in iTunes;

5、Select the iOS 7 file and wait for it to restore;

6、Enjoy! Make sure to regularly update to the new betas that come out.

這裡提供一份“How to extract a DMG on Windows”的視訊教程,有需要的使用者可以下載下來看看!點選直達



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