Grokker 視訊教程播客平臺成立於2012年,由Lorna Borenstein創辦,她是一位退休的網際網路高管,熱愛瑜伽和美食烹飪,退休以後把自己的愛好發揮的淋漓盡致,並自己創辦了這個視訊播客平臺,通過聘請專業的人士錄製視訊教程,高質量的視訊內容吸引了廣大婦女的青睞,收羅了大批的粉絲,從此該播客平臺步入正規。

Grokker – is a site with lots of expert video lessons in cooking, yoga, and fitness. Each of the three sections is broken down into lots of detailed sub-categories, and everything is free to watch. To watch the full video requires registering, otherwise you will only see a preview.

The seeds of Grokker were sown in 2012 when CEO and Founder, Lorna Borenstein, a retired internet executive, avid yogini and home chef, was on vacation with her husband and three children. Thinking she lived in the age of easy access to great video, Lorna brought her iPad on holiday, and planned to spend the trip cooking amazing meals and practicing yoga from videos starring noted experts. To her great surprise and frustration these Premium Expert Videos simply didn’t exist.

And so, Grokker was born from Lorna’s pursuit of passion.

In Robert A. Heinlein’s iconic novel Stranger in a Strange Land, to Grok “means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed,” to say you are a Grokker is to claim that you have been transformed. That’s what we’re all about at Grokker; transformation through connection. We are here to connect YOU (the passionate enthusiast) with expert video and our active community.



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