The art of writing can be a difficult thing unless you are well organized and have the right equipment at your disposal. Many of us have lots of different Word documents, sheets of paper or just stuff in our head waiting to get out and, if only we could organize them a little better, we could well have the next great novel in front of us. Gingko is a new word processor that is the only one that allows you to see the structure of your writing as well as the content on one page at the same time. This allows you (as well as your collaborators) to see the big picture. Gingko is a tree-like structure that let’s you write, expand, drag and rearrange your document so much better than before

Whether you are an artist, a scholar or simply an entrepreneur, Gingko helps your writing become better organized and your flow improving naturally. To aid this, Gingko is the only word processor that lets you see your structure and content at the same time. Whether you are writing a screenplay, group study notes, a novel, project management or academic writing, Gingko is an easy way to write better and faster. It does this by letting you branch your writing, to expand it and to add more detail to a specific topic or section, while still keeping it in view all the time.

That means you can either concentrate on a particular section or topic and add details, or pull back from the whole document and see the big picture. Since Gingko uses cards, you can also drag them around and rearrange them so you can better organize your document as you go. It’s also very simple to use with the arrow keys, a few keyboard shortcuts and then your mouse to drag the cards around and rearrange them the way that you want them. Its fast, simple and intuitive.

Once you learn how to use Gingko, you’ll be able to organize your thoughts and words like never before. Whether you are co-authoring a research paper or collaborating on a project specification, Gingko lets you work together in ways that no other document editor can. Since it is tree-based, one person can work on the overall organization, another can be writing the main points of a particular section while a third can be taking those points and fleshing them out in a subsection.

Once you get to know the in and outs of how Gingko works you will be able to see the way your document looks while also being able to hone in on the fine detail. This means that you can concentrate on your content rather than having to worry about how it looks on the page. Gingko takes care of the structure while you can put all your effort into selecting the right argument and the right line of dialogue.

The interface is beautifully uncomplicated and simple and all formatting is done using Markdown – allowing you to focus on your writing itself rather than having to worry about which font to use. Giingko won’t necessarily turn you into the next Steinbeck or Hemingway but it will give you the tools to let your work flow better and let you concentrate on words rather than having to worry about the structure.



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