衛星會執行在地球同步軌道上,而 GeoMetWatch 會產出 6 個監測感測儀,2016 年時會發射第一顆。它會掃描並記錄大氣資料,然後傳回給地面中心作分析,以此輸出更為精準的氣象預測。

GeoMetWatch 會把氣象資料售賣出去,主要目標顧客有兩大類:第一大類是政府機構,他們需要更準確的氣象和天氣預報資料來做好災害的預防工作;第二類則是對氣象敏感的商業機構,比如農業、物流、保險等相關行業。

GeoMetWatch sensors, built by the Utah State University Advanced Weather Systems Laboratory (AWS), are state-of-the-art, hyperspectral atmospheric sounders—the core technology behind the sensors was developed by the US Government at a cost of more than $400 million.

GeoMetWatch will place six unique data-gathering sensors into geostationary orbit (22,236 miles above the equator) to collect atmospheric data. This data will then be conveyed to data centers around the world, where it will be processed and configured per customer specifications to provide severe weather forecast information.

These highly sophisticated technologies will dramatically improve the accuracy and timeliness of severe weather forecasting, enabling the preservation of lives and property at a fraction of the cost of current methods. GeoMetWatch is the only entity possessing a US Department of Commerce Remote Atmospheric Sensing License to use this sophisticated technology. Once completed, GeoMetWatch will be the only provider of this highly-sophisticated weather prediction data in the world.

GeoMetWatch will deploy these six sensors by renting space on standard communication satellites. Downloaded data will be provided to weather agencies, domestic and foreign governments, and commercial entities who have committed to the requirement for this data and have expressed written interest in GeoMetWatch and their solution. This data will vastly improve the ability to provide early warning of severe weather to their populations and operations, saving both lives and property and providing much needed efficiencies.



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