Gablit is a new entertainment and recommendation, social search engine, born out of London a few years back, when three entrepreneurial types realized one night when they had lost their mobile phone, that trying to find the best entertainment available was turning into a full time job. They decided to develop this classy, informative, localized entertainment guide that encourages entertainers to promote their event and gives the audience a place to find out everything that is going on around them or wherever they are planning on visiting.

Gablit solves a problem that people often find themselves having to deal with. Namely, finding and planning for the entertainment that is around them by searching online. But, rather than addressing the more modest technical task of focusing the app on a specific location or niche, Gablit has built the most comprehensive and scalable platform across all geographical areas and sectors to find the best entertainment options wherever you are. This is coupled with truly differentiated search relevancy to generate both organic and social discovery.

It offers a global solution that pairs both promoters and those of us who are looking for a great night of fun and allows us to curate and share the information we find with friends. You can search for anything you feel like going to, whether it be concerts, comedy or even triathlons, if it comes to that.The real magic comes in the impressive results that can be found by mixing various search options. So, if you want to search for ‘happy hour’ and ‘karaoke,’ or ‘live music’ and ‘juggling,’ you can find more accurate results using Gablit. You can add anything you find to your personal stream and create new streams for whatever you want. You could have a ‘Speed Metal’ or a ‘Things To Do’ stream if you like.

Gablit will join WikiDo and Timista as some of the more interesting entertainment guide apps, assuming it takes off as intended. This one has a couple of major positives going for it though. For a start, it’s a global guide whereas many of the others concentrate on purely local entertainment. But it could well be the mixed input search engine that makes it more likely to succeed. Put in any number of different genres and Gablit will come up with a plethora of entertainment from Dubstep to the Boston two-step (if you are lucky.) This is an easy to use entertainment app with an interesting search engine that will save you hours of searching through numerous entertainment websites.



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