Forrst網站成立於2009年,是為開發人員和設計師提供的一個新興的地方,在這裡可以分享程式碼和截圖以及連結,啟發你的靈感。如果你曾想為你的一塊程式碼獲得一些專業實誠 的建議;如果你在幾個logo中沒法做出決定的時候,Forrst正好適合你。此社群正處擴張期,仍然以邀請的方式註冊。

Feedback is essential to design. It’s the water and sunlight that ensures our design grow into strong, vibrant evergreens in the forest of the web. But what we need is quality feedback if the seeds of our ideas are to ever blossom.

It needs to be continuous and effective if we’re to get better at our work. But it takes work and practice. We need to get good feedback and we need to receive it as well. Feedback can be intensely personal and potentially a powder keg. Done right, it can do wonders. Done wrong, and it can blow up in our faces. What’s needed is a community, where transparency is valued and helpful honesty is appreciated.

Forrst is that community. It’s a place where designers, engineers and developers can share their work and get the feedback they need. They can learn from each other what it means to give feedback and give it effectively. All with the goal of getting better at their craft.



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