Fora.TV:網際網路精英視訊網是一個專注於知識分子與行業精英的視訊網站,提供互動和檢索服務的視訊網站,使用者可以在Fora TV上搜索到知名作家、領袖、活動家和思想家的講話視訊。

Fora.TV:網際網路精英視訊網 is the leading site for engaging video programs from conferences, summits, public forums, university debates and think tanks across the globe.

At we believe that there are brilliant ideas expressed everyday, everywhere, and we don’t want you to miss them. We work with more than 150 organizations from the Aspen Institute to the Commonwealth Club to the New Yorker to the 92nd St Y. Our curated collection of more than 10,000 free and pay-per-view videos and a full schedule of live events brings the talks, debates, and conversations changing the world right to your screen.



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