線上虛你試衣購物平臺線上虛你試衣購物平臺是一個為了解決線上購買衣服的時候尺寸不合適的問題,提供虛擬試衣間服務;利用機器人模特和人造肌肉來模擬買家所需形狀和尺碼,利用仿生學技術和科學演算法可以幫助他們模擬出近 10 萬種不同的體型。線上虛你試衣購物平臺

Fits.me為零售商提供了兩種服務,其一是適合高階服裝的 Virtual Fitting Rome(虛擬試衣間),消費者可以切實看到不同尺碼的衣服穿在機器人模特上的效果。這套方案要求零售商將各種尺碼下某款衣服資訊都輸入到 的資訊庫中,成本最低也要 150 美元,因此不宜廣泛推廣。另一種則相對簡單點,叫 Fit Adviser,只需輸入你的身體尺寸,它就能根據過往的資料推薦合適的衣服尺碼。 has applied advanced robotic science to solve the problem of ‘the wrong size’ for online clothes shoppers. At the heart of’s software-as-a-service solution are sophisticated robotic mannequins, both male and female, with artificial muscles that enable it to mimic any size or shape of body.

To populate the database of any given brand or retailer, our mannequins are dressed in representative items from the retailer’s range, in each available size. Each permutation of garment/size is then photographed while the robotic mannequin morphs through thousands of body shapes, whether for a dress or a shirt. The output of this process is a comprehensive image database – and, for each image, we know the precise dimensions of the mannequin.



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