歐洲出版商理事會(European Publishers Council,EPC)成立於1991年,宗旨是倡導媒體的言論自由,保護市場競爭環境,在歐盟國家內促進多元化和民主的發展。理事會與各國的立法者建立聯絡,以確保法規環境對傳統和新興媒體的持續性發展有益。



The European Publishers Council is a high level group of Chairmen and CEOs of leading European media corporations. Members are the most senior representatives of European newspaper and magazine publishers.Their companies are involved in multimedia markets spanning newspaper, magazine, book, journal, internet, online database publishers, radio and TV broadcasting

What We Do

Since 1991, Members have worked to review the impact of proposed European legislation on the press, and then express an opinion to legislators, politicians and opinion-formers with a view to influencing the content of final regulations. The objective has always been to encourage good law-making for the media industry.

Our Members

26 Chairmen and CEOs of the leading media corporations from across Europe make up the European Publishers Council. EPC’s members have been helping to encourage good, effective law-making for the media industry since 1991. Christian Van Thillo, Chief Executive Officer of De Persgroep, is the Chair of EPC since 21 November 2014.



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