Mention:實時提醒社交監控服務平臺是一款網路和社交媒體的監控應用,使用者可以監測一個名字、品牌或者公司,還可以跨平臺使用 Mention 的服務。


Mention 還可以監控社交網路中的各種資訊,並配備分析工具來分析某話題在特定時段內的熱度或者趨勢,提供Google Alerts類似的實時提醒服務。

Create alerts for your brand, your industry, your company, your name or your competitors and be informed in real-time about any mentions on the web and social web.

Monitor millions of sources in 42 languages and don’t miss anything published on social networks, news sites, forums, blog or any web page.

Share your alerts with any user and assign tasks to your team members. Ask your community manager to reply to a tweet, comment on a blog article…



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