Einztein was founded by a team of lifelong learners who believe in a world where learning is a function of desire rather than privilege. We started Einztein because we recognized the need for curators to play a central role in identifying and sorting through high quality online educational resources. The outgrowth of this part-time work was a curated search engine for the best free online courses that was immediately recognized by Fast Company for its edtech innovation.

As we continued to build Einztein, we understood that, given the explosive growth of social media use and the need for privacy in certain educational settings, the role of curating resources was best served through a social learning network that allows open and closed learning communities to connect and coexist. Today, Einztein is a full-time project aimed at making it easier to engage socially around learning.

Einztein brings the power of social networking to higher education and lifelong learners by enabling anyone to create an online learning community for resource sharing, collaboration and discussion. Teachers can easily turn courses into social learning experiences. Students can form online study groups to research and learn together. Institutions can engage learners around their educational content.



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