程式設計師提交自己的簡歷申請加入,然後選擇自己喜歡的幾家公司同時進行線上面試。而尋找程式設計師的公司則需要在兩週時間內競拍這位程式設計師,最後程式設計師可以在給出 offer 的公司中選擇自己最滿意的那家。簽約成功後,程式設計師需要給 Developer Auction 支付一筆簽約費。


Developer Auction除了“拍賣”設計師的模式外,還提供實習生的招聘機會,不同的是,實習生的招聘是免費的。免費的實習生招聘無疑是一個巨大的機會,不僅因為很多斯坦福和 MIT 的學生在大學期間就希望去一些小型創業公司實習,很多創業公司也能借此儘早地發現技術人才,在認可這些實習生的能力後就讓他們成為正式僱員。

Developer Auction目前為600多家企業提供了服務,這些企業中不乏大名鼎鼎者如 Twitter 和 Amazon,也有知名度略遜一籌的 Rap Genius,這些條件都讓名校學生和設計師們更願意到這個平臺上來尋找自己的首份工作。

Developer Auction was launched in order to disrupt the recruiting industry, and provide a better and more efficient way for talented developers to get exposed to exciting job opportunities at tech companies.

As serial entrepreneurs & software developers, we know that the smartest people are already employed, and that they receive numerous pitches every month from recruiters and prospective employers that often go ignored due to the enormous amount of time that it would take to interview and negotiate with each company. We thought – “there has to be a better way”.

By reversing the funnel, and having a curated list of companies submit indicative offers based on work history & experience, we hope to shorten the hiring cycle, maximize efficiency and create transparency in a market that is currently anything but. To go a step further, we even offer developers 20% cash back ($3000-$6000+) when they get hired through our platform while assigning them dedicated Talent Advocates to help them every step of the way.



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