瀏覽器歷史記錄是一個尚未被開發的資料,由於隱私問題很少有人觸及這部分內容,cottonTracks 首先承諾不會將你的歷史記錄上傳至伺服器,然後才會根據各種演算法分析你的訪問記錄,從中找出可能是你感興趣的內容。

如果你在某一天針對一個問題訪問了很多網頁,那麼肯定會出現在當天的 cottonTracks 中,並且會將視訊、圖片、文字等等列為一個專題。

cottonTracks 將你的歷史記錄稱做線上記憶,響應速度很快,你可以搜尋歷史記錄,感覺比 Chrome 還要快。當然你可以認為 cottonTracks 的內容就是歷史記錄的精華版,對於喜歡的內容還可以加星表達喜愛。

The only browser history you will ever want to keep

cottonTracks is an automated and curated record of the best content you experience on your web browser. It replaces your history and bookmarks while maintaining a stunning summary of your insights and influences. Navigate as usual and we take care of organizing your favorite content seamlessly.

An intelligent record of your interests

Our algorithms create collections of interesting articles, videos, images and maps based on how deeply you investigate a particular subject. Search and browse a few pages around the same idea and the app will remember and organize the information automatically.

Stop bookmarking

We believe in an unobtrusive and smart way of defining your own web. The time of searching in an undifferentiated mass of information and collecting references by hand is over.

Want to go back to some information previously seen about the topic of a video you are currently playing? Click the c button and access the most relevant stories you have encountered in the past weeks, months or years around this very subject.Want to remember a specific joke or an impressive number in an article? Highlight it and we will remember it as a quote.Want to grab simultaneously all resources about two different subjects in the same story? Modify our semantic filters to get the perfect memory of the things you care about.

A private and clear history of your navigation

You should not have to worry about the location of your data, especially the intimate one. Your browser history is never sent to a server and the app entirely runs within your computer.



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