CoolHomePages:酷主頁網頁設計師展示平臺是一個展示世界各地設計師優秀網頁設計作品的網站,由Tim Donahue於1997年創辦,使用者可以欣賞世界各地的優秀設計作品也可以提交自己的作品到該網站進行收錄展示。


CoolHomepages was started in 1997 by Tim Donahue who was a busy web designer at the time, as a personal project to aggregate the best web designs he could find, for use as inspiration and reference. Since then, Tim and Dawn have enjoyed using their mixed background in web, print and design to start a series of online companies.

Little by little, CoolHomepages grew and it soon became apparent that a lot of other web site designers enjoyed CoolHomepages for the same reason Tim did. The ability for others to submit their work was added and the site continued to grow.

Meanwhile Tim had started one of the first crowdsourced “hire a web designer” sites called WebProsNow, and a bit later, he founded another company called ClientReady (since acquired) which was a rapid ecommerce site building platform, and eventually Tim and Dawn also founded one of the first crowdsourced royalty-free photo sites, which was acquired by Shutterstock.

During the BigStock period, CoolHomepages didn’t receive a lot of love and started to lose it’s “oomph” – but in October 2011 the site was 100% redesigned and recoded and all the content updated and re-populated and many new features were added such as the Blog, Designer Portfolios, revamped Template Store and User Critique area to name a few.



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