‘Share Together’ a photo album with your friends and family. No more asking them for the pictures you took together. Everybody’s photos are automatically synced to every member of the album.

It’s so easy to do! Simply create an album, share it with the people you want to receive photos from and send photos to, and start taking photos. The photos taken by every single member of the album are automatically synced to all other member’s devices. Without a single click more than snapping the photo, because as soon as someone takes a picture, everyone in the album automatically has it.

Share what you want with whom you want. Albums are exclusive to group of people, you set your privacy from the start. It can be your family, a group of friends, work colleagues, a special event, a unique night out, a trip, or life moment.

No more mixing family photos and work photos, with our exclusive sharing. No more asking for other’s photos with our Auto-Sync. No more disorganized albums with your current album feature.



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