CarbonMade:線上設計展示分享平臺是一個設計類的社交網站,設計者們可以釋出他們各種形式的設計作品在上面展示和分享. 這個網站擁有400個設計師展示的Logo設計. 它是一個尋找Logo設計靈感的佳選之地。




適用人群:Carbonmade也是一款針對創意專業人士的平臺,和Behance相比,Carbonmade seems更加側重視覺藝術領域。任何創意人士,包括時尚設計師、插畫家、建築師等專業人士都可以用Carbonmade來展示自己的作品。

Carbonmade helps you create and manage an online portfolio website. Show off your best design, illustration, photography, and other types of creative work.

In December 2005, Dave was grumping about how painful and/or expensive it was to put his illustration work online. His code wizard cohort Jason wondered, How hard could it be to make an online portfolio site ourselves? Flush with the thrill of an experiment, they put their noggins together over Christmas week and feverishly whipped up the very first iteration of the site you’re on now. Whoo!

Even though Carbonmade was originally meant as a tool to make life easier for Dave and fellow designer pals, its popularity grew by leaps and bounds. Rather than keep it to themselves, they opened it up for everyone and their mothers to love. (Talented ladies. The lot of ‘em.)

In 2007, things were trucking along well enough for the boys to drop all remaining client work and put their brainstuffs behind Carbonmade full time. Not a bad idea because it’s now home to over 500,000 nifty portfolios and an ever-growing team of talented doofuses who love making neat things.



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