Caddy Server 是一個基於易於配置和使用的Web伺服器架設系統,支援HTTP/2、IPV6、WebSockets、FastCGI、Markdown等,無論你是設計師還是開發者都可以通過該系統輕鬆的架設自己的站點,傳統的 Web伺服器架設很複雜,而Caddy Server更注重簡化的操控。


【Caddy Server使用指南】

Caddy Server 產品特色;

1.HTTP/2:It’s time for a faster web. Caddy supports HTTP/2 right out of the box. No thought required.

2.TLS 1.2:Direct integration with Let’s Encrypt is on its way, or use your own certs and keys. Supports SNI.

3.Easy Deployment:Caddy is a single executable with no dependencies. Any platform.

4.Multi-core:When the going gets tough, Caddy gets going on more CPUs.

5.WebSockets:Caddy can pipe stdin and stdout from any program to WebSocket clients.

6.Markdown:Serve Markdown documents rendered on-the-fly as HTML.

7.IPv6:Runs full well in an IPv6 environment.

8.Logging:Caddy takes copious notes according to your favorite log format.

9.FastCGI:Serve PHP by proxying requests to FastCGI servers like php-fpm.

10.Headers:Send custom response headers just by adding a line to your Caddyfile.

11.Reverse Proxy:Forward requests to other endpoints with simple reverse proxy functionality.

12.Rewrites & Redirects:Rewrite requests internally or configure HTTP redirects.

13.Clean URLs:Elegantly serve files without needing the extension in the URL.

14.Gzip:Compress responses to save bandwidth.

15.Directory Browsing:List the contents of folders according to your own template.

16.Virtual Hosts:Serve multiple sites from the same address with a single Caddyfile.




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