AttackofTheCute 網站以視訊和圖片為主,視訊資源多是來自於Youtube視訊網站,需要使用者能夠訪問才可以正常瀏覽,喜歡寵物的你可以收藏該網站,定期更新,讓你每天都能夠擁有快樂。

Attack of the cute is a collection of cute junk that we find online throughout our work day. We created Attack of the cute as a way to share what we find with the world. We hope you enjoy it.

Submissions to Attack of the cute are curated and moderated by the tiniest of kittens, using only their paws and company issued iPads.

Attack of the cute was built by us, hand coded line by line, pixel by pixel. As a rule of thumb, If you can’t see it, Jared built it, if you can see it, Hans built it, if it’s broken, our intern built it.



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