There’s something very likable about music apps. Whenever I send my friends details of new music apps they are always excited by the prospect of another way of creating a cool place to find out more about their favorite musicians. ArtistBox is an iOS app that searches through your iPhone or iPad music library and displays them within the beautiful looking interface. While there are plenty of other similar apps around, ArtistBox excels on its user-friendliness and its depth of information. The app aggregates a vast amount of photos and info to enhance your listening experience.

ArtistBox gathers all your favourite artists in one place and offers you all the information you need to love them even more. The app is more complex than other music discovery apps in the Appstore, chiefly because it offers a more systematic approach to the artists’ work. ArtistBox gathers in one place their biography, discography (not only the one existing in iTunes), hi-res images, videos, local and live concerts worldwide – based on your preferences and where you live – as well as all the latest up-to-date news. ArtistBox shows you all the albums released by your favorite artists so you can listen and buy what you don’t already have. Some albums have videos and you can preview and buy those as well. The point of ArtistBox is to offer a complete overview of the artists that you love while encouraging you to discover new ones.

I have to admit, I’ve been through quite a lot of interesting music apps over the last few years – most offering something slightly different to the others. ArtistBox forgoes innovative new ideas for good, solid and no nonsense performance. It offers heaps of excellent info on your favorite artists and is wonderfully easy to use with some great little details that embellish it nicely. What’s more, it looks a million dollars. When I tell my friends about this free app I think there will be some joyous noises.



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