Stream PC over the Air:

Now stream media and access other files from PC on to your mobile device with AirStream;

Stream Movies, Music & Photos:

Stream movies, music & photos from PC to phone on your home network. No more hassles of transferring files to SD Card, AirStream will play it all for you.;

Copy files from PC to Phone:

Some files are special to you and copying them from PC to your phone couldn’t be easier. With AirStream, browse your entire PC file system from the phone itself, and choose the file you wish to copy.

Intuitive UI:

The intuitive UI of AirStream lets you access all your files with few gestures of your thumb. With a brilliant match of list display & adjacent columns, it gives a fantastic browsing UI.

Automatically detects PCs in your network:

No need to enter IP address to access your PC. Install the PC Suite on your PC & AirStream will automatically detect your PC. Just make sure all your devices are on the same wi-fi network



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